Cotton Spinners Association Secondary School

In 1974, Mr Vincent Woo, the residing Chairman of Hong Kong Cotton Spinners Association, initiated the establishment of a prevocational school. The plan was seconded and sponsored by Legislator Mr Tong Sing Hoi and supported by other members. The Association then submitted an application to the Education Department. Soon after that the Government granted a piece of Crown land of over 93,000 sq. ft. for the erection of school premises. Following the standard of aided schools and fully funded by the public purse, Cotton Spinners Association Prevocational School was founded. The school building accommodating 25 classes was put in use in September 1975. On 01/01/2002, the school was formally renamed as Cotton Spinners Association Secondary School.

With tailored curriculum and teaching pedagogy, the School helps students enhance their academic knowledge and develop their potential via a balance of theory and practice. In particular, the School provides a good learning environment and abundant resources to bolster teaching and learning effectiveness.

Most of all, our emphasis is on language proficiency and Information Technology skills, which immediately help students in further education as well as careers, and, in the long run, lay the foundation stone for their life-long learning. Besides, as stated in our school motto, "Diligence, Trustworthiness, Benevolence, Righteousness", the School aims to foster students' moral virtues as well as their physical and mental development, with the hope of nurturing responsible citizens who love the country and their families, and contribute to society.

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