About Us


Year of Establishment: 1948 (1948-55 known as Spinners Club)

Objectives of the Association:

  1. To promote and protect the interests of people engaged in the cotton spinning trade or industry.
  2. To co-ordinate activities of the cotton spinning trade or industry.
  3. To promote and protect the interests of members of the Association.

Chairman's Message

Mr. Stanford Kuo

The spinning industry was the initial catalyst of the development of Hong Kong. From its inception in 1948, the Hong Kong Cotton Spinners Association (HKCSA) has been ever present in the textile and apparel trade in Hong Kong and has active membership in the Federation of Hong Kong Industries, and the Textile Council amongst other association bodies.

Our members remain active in the industry across the border in China, and HKCSA arranges regular seminars to disseminate information to the industry of cotton pricing outlook. With this increasing volatile world we live in, with cotton being one of the most volatile commodities in the past years, this has been an invaluable service to the industry.

Innovation and new product development continue to be the key competitive edge for the industry, with emphasis on eco-friendly material, and performance & functional features that can be easily appreciated by the final consumer.

With China remaining as the largest consumer market of cotton in the world, and a significant amount of cotton and textiles still being transacted through Hong Kong, we feel that the Hong Kong Cotton Spinners Association will continue to have an important position for the textile and apparel industry in the region and we will aim to continue to serve the industry to the best of our ability.

Association Structure

Executive Committee


Mr. Stanford Kuo

Woodard Textile Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
Tel: 852-2942 3419 Fax: 852-2279 0319
Email: stanford.kuo@gunzetal.com

Vice Chairman

Mr. Andrew Y. K. Yu

Far East Cotton Ind. Ltd.
Tel: 852-2492 2660 Fax: 852-2498 8957
Email: ykandrew@netvigator.com

Other Committee Members

Mr. Yuen Yui Wing

Nan Fung Textiles Ltd.
Tel: 852-2521 7417 Fax: 852-2524 1276
Email: yw.yuen@nanfung.com
Website: http://www.nanfung.com

Mr. Albert H. Y. Chang

Nam Hwa Textiles Ltd.
Tel: 852-2527 2682 Fax: 852-2527 9610
Email: albechang@yahoo.com

Mr. Clement C. J. Chen, J.P.

Tai Hing Cotton Mill, Ltd.
Tel: 852-2520 0211 Fax: 852-2865 6108
Email: clement@taihingcotton.com.hk

Mr. Sam T. S. Chen

Cenario International Corp.
Tel: 852-2723 2182 Fax: 852-2723 2860

Mr. Pat Nie Woo

Central Textiles (Hong Kong) Limited
Tel: 852-2523 4103 Fax: 852-2845 0386
Email: patwoo@kpmg.com

Mr. August Y. C. To

Textile Alliance Ltd.
Tel: 852-2738 6601 Fax: 852-2205 6320
Email: augustto@hk.talgroup.com
Website: http://www.talgroup.com

Mrs. Christine Wong

Hong Kong Spinners Ltd.
Tel: 852-2865 1033 Fax: 852-2865 1219
Email: vivianlam@gelhk.com

Mr. Julian W. C. Wong

South Management Ltd.
Tel: 852-2575 6771 Fax: 852-2834 5209
Email: julianw@southholdings.com.hk

Mr. Yung Hung Ching, J.P.
Mr. Lincoln C. K. Yung, J.P.

Nanyang Cotton Mill Ltd.
Tel: 852-2522 4147 Fax: 852-2810 6403
Email: nycotton@netvigator.com
(Mr. H.C. Yung)
Email: hg682@netvigator.com
(Mr. Lincoln Yung)
Website: http://www.nanyangholdingslimited.com

Ms. Chao Wei Ting, Ronna

Novetex Textiles Limited
Tel: 852-2237 2121 Fax: 852-2310 1363
Email: ronna_chao@novetex.com
Website: http://www.novetex.com